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Marana Aerospace Solutions Delivers More Convenience & Reliability to Growing List of Worldwide Customers

Marana, AZ March 5, 2013
Marana Aerospace Solutions, the award-winning Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul facility located just north of Tucson, Arizona, has reported significant expansion of its list of global customers. In the past 12 months alone, the Marana Aerospace Solutions team has assisted some 80 customers from 20 countries in meeting their aircraft support requirements, including heavy and line maintenance, storage, full aircraft painting, interiors and end-of-life part-out options at its convenient, 1200 acre one-stop-shop facility.

“We focus on tailoring our services to suit the specific needs of each customer,” said Colin Buxton, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “We see ourselves as a trusted partner on their team, providing the customized services necessary to maximize the asset’s value.”

Marana Aerospace Solutions’ licensed technicians are dedicated to excellence in safety and workmanship. In 2012 they performed Heavy Maintenance on 10 different aircraft types and provided Flight-line Services to 25 customers, including 10 international customers.

Additionally, the expansive facility offers more than 600 acres of secured ramp and storage area for all sizes of aircraft. With an ideal low-humidity desert climate, last year it provided short-term and active storage solutions to 40 different customers.

A founder member of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association, Marana Aerospace Solutions also has a variety of options available for an aircraft’s end-of-life, servicing 8 different end-of-life customers and 6 different aircraft types in 2012.

“The outstanding advantage we offer our customers is convenience,” added Buxton. “We can provide them with expert maintenance checks, storage, a new paint job, or end-of-life solutions, all right here on-site.”–reliability-to-growing-list-of-worldwide-customers-195230451.html

Airplane Leasing Companies Using Temporary Storage to Maximize Asset Revenues

One-Stop-Shop Facilities Make Aircraft Storage Convenient & Cost Effective

Marana, AZ October 30, 2012
The recent boom in global air travel is fueling expansion of the leased airplane market. A recent Morgan Stanley Research report found that one third of all commercial passenger aircraft are now leased. As a result, owners are relying on storage solutions when an airplane comes off lease and is awaiting its next contract, or temporarily taken out of service, or if a brand new airplane is awaiting delivery. Reliable temporary active storage programs ensure that these parked assets are kept in tip-top shape while their owners determine their next destination.
When choosing a storage facility, a number of key factors must be considered, including climate, experience, and services offered. First, a dry, desert location with low rainfall and humidity is essential to prevent corrosion. Next, because of the intricate processes required to put modern aircraft into and take out of storage, expert teams with extensive experience are necessary. Finally, if an airplane needs a maintenance check, a new paint job, or is determined to be at the end of its economic life, a facility that provides one-stop-shop services provides economic advantages as well as convenience.
“With an ideal location, a highly-trained team of storage experts, and the fact that we can provide maintenance, painting and end-of-life services all right here on site, Marana Aerospace Solutions give owners a very cost-effective competitive advantage,” said its Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Colin Buxton.
With 1200 acres and capacity to store up to 400 aircraft, the facility located just outside of Tucson, Arizona is considered one of the largest storage resources in North America. Two full-time active storage teams with decades of experience and certified training run checks, inspections, and maintenance around the clock 24/7/365 to adhere to manufacturer’s and FAA storage guidelines.
“Our crews have taken nearly every type of large commercial aircraft ever made in and out of storage, so we know exactly what it takes to keep these planes ready for service when their owners decide to have them fly again,” added Buxton. “Far from being the ‘end of the road’ for these airplanes, our active storage programs give owners a real competitive advantage to help them maximize the value of their assets.”

Marana Aerospace Solutions Maximizes Commercial Aircraft Asset Values with Comprehensive End-of-Life Services

Marana, AZ September 4, 2012
Marana Aerospace Solutions, one of the world’s largest commercial aviation maintenance and storage resources, is assisting aircraft owners to recoup the maximum economic potential of their assets when their aircraft are ready to be retired from service. Internationally recognized as one of the most reliable providers of maintenance, repair and overhaul, Marana Aerospace Solutions also offers comprehensive services for various end-of-life options, including Parts Inspection, Controlled Parts Removal, Recording and Tagging, Packing, Crating and Shipping.
With its ideal location in the dry Arizona desert, the facility has, for over thirty years, provided award-winning maintenance solutions for almost every type of commercial aircraft. Incorporating its world class FAA-certified aircraft maintenance expertise into its end-of-life programs enables Marana Aerospace Solutions to offer optimized packages to meet its customer’s specific needs. In addition, the 1,200 acre facility’s capacity to store up to 400 aircraft at any given time enables it to provide a unique suite of options to aircraft owners.
“With our dedicated crews and customer support teams, we are able to provide our customers with the most comprehensive set of services in the industry,” said Colin Buxton, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Marana Aerospace Solutions.

Marana Aerospace Solutions is a founder member of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association, which is recognized as the leading global industry association committed to pursuing and promoting environmental best practices, regulatory excellence, and sustainable developments in aircraft disassembly, as well as the salvaging and recycling of aircraft parts and materials.

Marana Aerospace Solutions Completes Boeing 777-200ER Heavy Maintenance and Interior Reconfiguration for TAAG Angola Airlines

Marana, AZ August 1, 2012
Marana Aerospace Solutions has announced it recently completed Heavy Maintenance and Interior Reconfiguration on a Boeing 777-200ER passenger aircraft operated by TAAG Angola Airlines. The project was managed by Cascade Engineering Services, Inc. of Redmond, Washington.

“This is the first time that we have worked with either TAAG or Cascade Engineering and we are very pleased with how well this program was managed and executed. We look forward to providing additional support to both TAAG and Cascade Engineering in the future,” said Colin Buxton, VP of Sales and Marketing at the Marana, Arizona based MRO.
Specializing in comprehensive full-life aircraft care, Marana Aerospace Solutions’ award-winning teams of FAA-certificated technicians, crews, and on-site customer satisfaction professionals deliver reliable and on-time Heavy Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul services. It also offers expert painting, detailing and interior services.
With its optimal dry desert climate, storage services for more than 400 aircraft can be accommodated at the expansive 1,200 acre facility. End-of-Life solutions for passenger and cargo aircraft of all types and sizes are also available.

Marana Aerospace Solutions Completes Heavy Maintenance Checks for Turkmenistan Airlines

MARANA, AZ July 17, 2012
Marana Aerospace Solutions announced that it has recently completed Heavy Maintenance checks on two Boeing 717-200 aircraft for Turkmenistan Airlines. The Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) facility located just north of Tucson is regarded as one of the world’s largest aviation service resources. For more than three decades it has delivered award-winning solutions for nearly every type of commercial aircraft, including Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas, Bombardier, Embraer and more.

“This program actually represents two important firsts for Marana Aerospace Solutions,” said Colin Buxton, the facility’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “It was the first time that we performed heavy maintenance on this particular aircraft type, and also our first opportunity to work with Turkmenistan Airlines. We look forward to building on both of these significant events.”
Marana Aerospace Solutions is internationally recognized as one of the industry’s most reliable aviation MRO service facilities. It provides comprehensive full-life aircraft care, including heavy maintenance, overhaul, and component repairs, as well as expert painting, interior, detailing, and end of life options to passenger and cargo airline and leasing clients from around the world.
With its ideal low-humidity climate, the expansive 1,200 acre facility can accommodate storage for more than 400 aircraft. The FAA-certificated technicians, crews, and on-site customer satisfaction teams at Marana Aerospace Solutions are dedicated to continuous improvements in operational excellence. The facility has received the prestigious FAA Diamond Award and numerous industry certificates and recognition for its outstanding maintenance services.

New York Times features Marana Aerospace Solutions

Marana, AZ May 17, 2012

Marana Aerospace Solutions is a member of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association

Marana, AZ May 14, 2012
In furtherance of our goal to provide the world’s best End-of-Life Solutions services to airlines, we have recently affirmed our status as a founder member of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association.
The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) is recognized as the leading global industry association dedicated to pursuing and promoting environmental best practice, regulatory excellence and sustainable developments in aircraft disassembly, as well as the salvaging and recycling of aircraft parts and materials.

Aviation Week’s Overhaul & Maintenance April 2012

Marana,AZ April 04, 2012

Aviation Maintenance Expansion Reflects Increased Demand For A320 Family Of Aircraft

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) December 12, 2011
By working closely with Airbus and the FAA, Evergreen
Maintenance Center Inc., (EMC) has successfully expanded their certificate to include the A320 family of
aircraft. “With the new company’s vision in place, EMC is focused on expanding our programs and services by
20% within the next 12 months,” remarks Hal Heule, Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Maintenance
Center. “Considering Airbus has won more than 8,100 orders for the A320 series aircraft and delivered over
4,800 to date, we consider this an important step forward in EMC’s expansion plan.” Release A320 12.12.11.pdf

Dusting Off The Desert Sand

October 1, 2010
Like the proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes, so too the commercial aircraft are rising from their desert storage sites and returning to the skies. With the 2008-2009 global economic crisis resulting in a tumultuous decline in cargo and passenger demand, airlines desperately looked for places to park their aircraft that would keep their expensive assets dry and free of corrosion. Karen Thuermer’s story highlights the success of EMC in the southwest.

MSNBC Highlights Client Operation During Industry Feature And Returns To Film For Fall Series

MSNBC production group traveled from New York to film EMC’s operation and complete site interviews. This supports another installment to the popular aviation industry feature that is hosted by Lester Holt, anchor for the Today Show.

Today Show and NBC Nightly Business News Feature Firm’s client

Feb 26, 2010
Today Show anchor Lester Holt traveled from New York to interview EMC’s leadership regarding trends in aviation. This popular feature has appeared on the Today Show as well as NBC’s Nightly News and was filmed on site in Arizona. Production filming and direction were led by NBC’s talented Kim Cornett through all phases of the project.

PBS Explores Why Business Is Booming In Certain Industries

Feb 26, 2010
A correcting economy has certain industries facing financial ruin while others are thriving. But which companies are doing well? Producer Kim Craft and film crew go onsite at EMC to take a close look at today’s aviation industry. PBS also learns how successful the world’s largest aircraft storage and maintenance facility has become.

Wall Street Journal Features Aviation Client With Solutions

APRIL 21, 2009
The Wall Street Journal’s Travel Editor, Scott McCartney’s visit to Arizona led to a cover story for EMC. The site tour and interview covered the role of aviation maintenance repair and overhaul centers in today’s correcting economy. In addition, the full page feature highlighted the turn key solutions that EMC specifically provides to airlines, leasing companies, and OEMs which own new classic and next generation aircraft.

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