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Our Customers

Marana Aerospace Solutions is one of the world’s largest aircraft storage, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) providers. Marana Aerospace Solutions supports major global airlines, governments, financial institutions, business aircraft, VIP aircraft, OEM’s and aircraft leasing companies. Marana Aerospace Solutions is always striving to provide world class support for our Customer’s tailored and customized programs as well as OEM requirements while ensuring an outstanding Customer experience.

Representative Customers:

  • Aeronaves TSM S.A. de C.V.
  • Air Atlanta Icelandic
  • Air Canada
  • Cayman Airways Limited
  • Defence Materiel Organization RNAF
  • GE Commercial Aviation Services, Inc.
  • Interface Bermuda Operations, LTD
  • Jet Midwest Group, LLC
  • Logistic Air, Inc.
  • Macquarie Aircraft Leasing Svcs (US), Inc.
  • Martinair Holland N.V.
  • Pratt & Whitney Engine Services, Inc.
  • The Boeing Company
  • University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
  • Xstrata
  • What our Customers Say:

    “When choosing a vendor, the three most important factors to look at are turn time, cost, and flexibility. Marana Aerospace Solutions have shown us all three. Their competitive pricing coupled with their willingness to work around our schedule to ensure our project was completed on time is why we chose them, and why we will choose them again”.

    Mike Bianco, Vice President, Av-Air, Inc.
  • What our Customers Say:

    “We have had a very pleasant experience with our stored Boeing 757 and 777 aircraft. The technical personnel did a very good job with storage maintenance. When it was time to reactivate the aircraft, the line maintenance team did a great job. They will treat your airplane like it is their own”.

    James B. Kenney, VP-Technical, AVITAS
  • What our Customers Say:

    “We must admit that we had our initial uncertainties of taking our high-end specialty corporate business jet into a facility that is largely dedicated to the airlines, however , everything that your team promised – they delivered! Our airplane was well protected during the maintenance progress. Your department managers and team leaders were all actively involved on a daily basis to ensure on-time progress and satisfactory results. In summery, you managed to completely exceed our expectations. We witnessed a true aviation maintenance service center work in concert. The vastly large-aircraft experience and the leadership of your team leaders worked in harmony during this extensive project, all while our airplane remained completely well maintained and cared for. Once again, thank you for a wonderful experience, and a job well done! Hope to see you on our next major inspection. Best regards,”

    VIP Business Jet Customer
  • What our Customers Say:

    “The problem we had is that our heavy 4C Check also required the complete removal of our 40 million dollar VIP interior for the first time. Therefore, we had to go somewhere that could perform both the heavy maintenance and delicate interior work in an acceptable time frame.You guys said you could do it, and you did. Even with our last minute service bulletin, entertainment upgrades and vendor parts delay, you got us out on time. I know that we would have been ahead of schedule if not for the upgrades and our reverse engineering requirements. Thanks for your patience from the planning department to the guys on the floor. Well done!”

    Senior Executive-VIP Client
  • What our Customers Say:

    “The aircraft repair program was an important challenge for our company and we deem it a success on several levels… new leadership has turned the organization into a successful Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (“MRO”) that is focused on their customers and accountability. This is a rare combination in today’s environment and it is because of their support that we look forward to partnering with them as we move forward with our fleet expansion.”

    Air Cargo Executive
  • What our Customers Say:

    “We are particular about who takes care of our aircraft, especially the new generation assets. That is why we recently stored a B-777 at Marana Aerospace Solutions prior to placing it in Europe.”

    Aviation Technical Operations Executive