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Marana Aerospace Solutions’ Engineering Department maintains the highest level of quality excellence. Our engineers possess a broad knowledge and extensive background in aerospace engineering, making them extremely versatile in supporting everything from standard aircraft modifications to non-routine heavy maintenance findings. The team continuously demonstrates its flexibility in providing integrated solutions to complex challenges while meeting schedule requirements and maintaining on-time delivery. Our Engineering Department includes a full-time staff of liaison engineers and a DER on retainer.

  • Engineering Tools and Methods:

    • Internal practices checklists and liaison support folder system ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
    • OEM Forms 8100-9
    • FAA Form 8110-3
    • Working partnership with Boeing Engineering and their Authorized Representatives.
    • Established relationship with other industry expert representatives from major global airlines, OEM’s and DER’s.
    • Marana Aerospace Engineering receives OEM message notification involving significant aircraft issues.
    • Maintenance and continuous monitoring of the latest, current and updated Airworthiness directives and Service bulletins
  • Engineering