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Far 145 End of Life Solutions

Marana Aerospace Solutions has a variety of options available for your aircraft’s end-of-life. We offer full service Parts Removal programs including Part 145 Repair Station Service.  We can arrange for the disposal of your hull.  We can also pack, crate and ship all of your aircraft parts and engines. Our Component Repair and Overhaul shops can certify many parts and components to optimize your asset’s value.

  • End-of-Life Solutions / Options:

    • Controlled Parts Removal
    • Parts Recording and Tagging
    • Part 145 Repair Station Service
    • Parts Inspection
    • Parts Repair and Overhaul
    • Parts Certification
    • Packing, Crating and Shipping
    • AOG / Rapid Response Parts Removal and Shipping
    • Hazmat Disposal
    • Hull Disposal
  • Marana Aerospace Solutions is a member of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association.

    In furtherance of our goal to provide the world’s best End-of-Life Solutions services to airlines, we have recently affirmed our status as a founding member of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association.

    The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) is recognized as the leading global industry association dedicated to pursuing and promoting environmental best practice, regulatory excellence and sustainable developments in aircraft disassembly, as well as the salvaging and recycling of aircraft parts and materials.